Growth Awareness Day 2019

Growth Awareness Day 2019

International Child Growth Awareness Day is happening on Friday 20th September 2019 and is a worldwide event, organised by ICOSEP.  It aims to raise awareness among the public and health professionals about children’s growth conditions and the importance of understanding child growth rates.

This page has resources to help you share the message including: downloadable information, social media images and tweet messages to help you spread the word.

You can change your Facebook or Twitter profiles images and headers, you can text about the Day, or share some of our many stories.

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Example Tweets

You can use the following messages to help spread the word:

September 20 is Children’s Growth Awareness Day. Is your child growing normally? Did you know that growth delay is an early indicator of an underlying medical condition? #MoreThanHeight #ChildGrowthAwareness #HealthNotHeight

Growth Charts are one of the most powerful tools you can use to determine if your child is growing properly. Measuring a child & plotting them on a growth chart is easy. @HarlowPrinting #ChildGrowthAwareness

In the first year of life, children should grow 7-10 inches. During the second year, an average of 5 inches. During the third year growth averages 3 inches. From age 4 years until puberty, growth should be at least 2 inches/year. #ChildGrowthAwareness

Height is nature’s early warning signal; a visual alarm for parents & physicians. There are hundreds of medical conditions that affect physical growth in children. #ChildGrowthAwareness #HealthNotHeight

Example Press Release

The following can be downloaded as a starting point for putting together your own press release for a local paper:

GAD Press Release

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