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The Child Growth Foundation’s helpline is available to anyone seeking support and advice regarding a child’s growth.

The Helpline is funded by the charity and is available from 9.30am until 4pm, Monday to Friday (please leave a message if we are not available and we will get back to you as soon as possible).

The helpline is manned by our team whose knowledge and expertise in growth conditions is vast.   They also have children with a growth condition, so it gives them not only first hand knowledge of what is required but also a firm understanding of the needs and concerns of many.  If they are unable to answer your query they will point you to someone who can.

If you call our Helpline and find it useful please consider becoming a member.  The Helpline is funded by the charity and without the income from our members we would struggle to keep the service available to those who need it.

We also have a very active Facebook group which provides support to many.  You can request to join the Facebook group here.   The Facebook group is free to join but, again, if you find it helpful please consider becoming a member.   The group is moderated by our team and is only available due to the funding from our lovely members.   

You can contact us by email at:


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