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This page contains further information about growth, and downloads and resources on child growth conditions.

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About Growth

About Child Growth

Find out more about how children grown

Growth Concern?

Do you have concerns about the way your child is growing?

Height Measuring

Find out more about how to measure your child


Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

Silver-Russell Syndrome

SRS Guide

SRS Consensus Statement

SRS NICE Guidelines

SRS Emergency Treatment Guide

SRS NICE and Beyond

SRS Investigation & Diagnosis


Hypopituitarism Guide

Sotos Syndrome

Sotos Syndrome Parents' Guide

Sotos Syndrome Education Guide

Sotos Syndrome Cognition/Behaviour

Sotos Syndrome Sensory Processing


IUGR vs SGA Differences

Primary IGF-1 Deficiency

Primary IGF-1 Deficiency

SHOX Deficiency

SHOX Deficiency

Tatton-Brown Rahman Syndrome

TBRS Sensory Processing

More Resources

CGF Guide

Your Child's Growth

CGF Leaflet

Puberty and the Tanner Stages

Recommended Growth Monitoring

More Than Height

A website with more information about children’s height.

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