We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team. We have a small, willing and enthusiastic group of volunteers and we are keen to grow this group into a small army!

Our volunteers have their own motivations for being part of the Child Growth Foundation, for some it is:

  • The chance to work in a friendly team
  • or the opportunity to make a difference to families affected by growth conditions
  • For others is to develop confidence and interpersonal skills.

We’d love to find out your reason for volunteering with us. We have a number of roles, and more being created. If you are interested in the any of the following opportunities then please get in touch.

Volunteer Opportunities

Child Growth Foundation Trustee

Have you thought about being a Trustee?
Do you want to help the CGF grow?
Have you got the skills we need?

We are looking for Trustees who can bring something different to the CGF. Apart from enthusiasm (and a good sense of humour) we would be interested to hear from people with a background in:

Finance + Policy + Healthcare + Marketing + Fundraising + School Governance + Law + Strategic Panning + Project Management.. (we aren’t asking for much are we!)

Does that sound like you? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

The following may help you decide if being a Trustee is for you The Essential Trustee

Condition Support Mentors

At the CGF we support a number of conditions and one of the ways in which we support is by providing condition mentors who understand the condition, either directly or through a family member. The experience these mentors have is essential for helping the newly diagnosed, or those new to the CGF.

The mentors do not provide medical advice but they can be a sympathetic ear or some reassuring guidance. The support they provide can be through the closed Facebook group for that condition, by email, an article in the CGF Newsletter or perhaps at the Annual Convention.

The key to being a good condition mentor is knowing when to offer guidance and when to sit back and let the person work it out for themselves. Key skills would include: a good knowledge (and experience) of a growth condition, empathy & understanding and enthusiasm.

If you think that is you, we’d love to hear from you.

Helping Hand

We are looking to develop the support we provide and to achieve this we are building a number of volunteer roles under the banner ‘helping hands’. Do you have time to offer the CGF a ‘helping hand’?

In 2020 we are looking to deliver a couple of information days around the UK, including information sessions for health professionals and a support group for families in the afternoon. Would you be interested in helping run the day?

There is also the opportunity to offer a ‘helping hand’ as a local fundraiser. Perhaps you’d like to stand outside a supermarket with a bucket.

How about being an awareness volunteer where you could give a short presentation at local community groups, in schools or Rotary clubs, about the work the CGF does.

Perhaps you are good with words and proof reading and would like to help us with out information production. We produce a number of fact sheets and guide books and we would really value your input in their development.

Has anything above interested you? If so, please contact us.

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