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When a child is diagnosed with a life-altering rare condition, their life is changed. The parents have to face a journey they weren’t expecting, and weren’t prepared for. There is a way through it, but the isolation that rare conditions produce, the lack of awareness and understanding around them, means that life may be a stream of worries, of having nowhere to turn, of having no one to talk to.

Our team helps families with a condition, those with a concern and those seeking a diagnosis to get through some of the most challenging moments of their life. Each day we see the difference our charity makes, thanks to support we receive to continue our work.

Making a difference, wherever growth is a concern

A £9 donation to the CGF could fund a 30 minute Support Line call with our nursing team for families concerned about their child’s growth.

A £20 donation to our charity could provide 10 families with a specialist information booklet about their child’s growth condition following a diagnosis.

Making a monthly donation

To make a regular donation to the Child Growth Foundation, please follow the link below and tick the box to confirm ‘regular payment’. Then complete your details as directed.

Other ways to support our work

Making a donation is hugely appreciated, but it isn’t the only way you can support the CGF. There are many ways you can get involved and help us to raise funds, raise awareness and expand our support. 

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