Story books inspiration: Anti-Bullying Week

Story books inspiration: Anti-Bullying Week

The Anti Bullying Alliance share “Research shows that experiencing bullying can have a significant impact on a child’s life well into adulthood”.

Whilst bullying thankfully is not experienced by all in our child growth community, we know it is something families have previously shared with us that some children and young people with a growth condition have sadly faced.

There are some lovely story books that provide a unique and engaging way to address complex emotions and to empower children to understand and help manage their feelings.

Reading storybooks together can allow for open discussions about emotions and mental wellbeing, and can be a platform for parents to check in with their children. Certain story books can often offer a safe space for children to explore their emotions, encountering characters who experience joy, sadness, fear, and anger, helping them understand that these feelings are natural and universal, and creating an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and feelings.

The following story books address body image, body confidence and celebrate differences.

Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph | Be Who you Are by Todd Parr | It’s Okay To Be Different by Todd Parr | Mr Big by Ed Vere

Every Child Is Different by Luna James | We All Belong by Nathalie Goss and Alex Goss | Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Sparrowlegs by Anupa Roper | Your Body Is Awesome by Sigrun DanielsdottirRock What Ya Got by Kerascoët and Samantha Berger

There is also a range of story books The Abilities in Me and their follow up series The Feelings In Me, which include the festive themed The Abilities In Me Save Christmas and The Feelings In Me: Emotions.

If you have any suggestions for books to add or share in the future, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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Measuring at home infographic launched

Measuring at home infographic launched

It’s International Children’s Growth Awareness Day!

A very special day in our calendar to highlight the importance of child measuring, the support available to those with a diagnosis or those with a concern and the information organisations like us provide.

As part of International Children’s Growth Awareness Day we’re launching our new infographic, Measuring at home.

You can read or download our infographic as a PDF here.

If you’d like to speak to our nursing team please contact our Support Line on 020 8995 0257 / [email protected].

‘What is Sotos Syndrome?’ – infographic launched

‘What is Sotos Syndrome?’ – infographic launched

Today, 6 September, marks this year’s Sotos Syndrome Awareness Day.

An important day in our annual calendar to raise awareness of this genetic overgrowth condition, caused by a change in the gene known as NSD1.

Sotos Syndrome is a variable condition – different people can be affected in different ways, and to different degrees. Common things to look out include rapid growth in childhood, distinctive facial features and learning difficulties, along with less frequent indications in babies and children.

As part of Sotos Syndrome Awareness Day, we are launching our new What is Sotos Syndrome? infographic. Read or download our infographic as a PDF here.

Find out more about Sotos Syndrome at If you’d like to speak to our nursing team with your Sotos queries please contact our Support Line on 020 8995 0257 /
Over £1,000 raised by Cellnex UK team

Over £1,000 raised by Cellnex UK team

A huge well done and thank you to the Site Negotiation and Legal team within Cellnex UK who raised over £1,000 walking, running, cycling and swimming the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats throughout the month of July in support of the CGF – incredible!

The team’s Delivery Manager Jess Dentry’s daughter Maeve, now two and a half years old, was diagnosed with Silver-Russell Syndrome at eight months old.

Jess shared the below on her JustGiving page:

“The Child Growth Foundation is a charity close to my heart. My daughter Maeve was diagnosed with Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS) when she was 8 months old, after months of worry about her not gaining weight or growing at a normal rate. Having the diagnosis and the information available from the Child Growth Foundation answered so many of our endless questions and worries and put me in contact with so many other wonderful parents of children affected with rare growth conditions.”

Thanks so much to Jess and team for this amazing support inspired by Maeve! You can see their fundraising over on the team’s JustGiving page


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