Rhys’s Timetable

My son, Rhys, is 5 years old with Sotos Syndrome. Anxiety and repetitive questioning is a big part of him and our lives right now which is very draining. It is something I really wish I could help him with as it impacts every part of his life, but nothing I say or do seems to help. He has just started a SEN school who are really understanding and say that his timetable helps at school to a certain extent, so we now also use one at home.

I have tried to write a poem from Rhys’ perspective to try and illustrate what life is like for him every day (although he actually says ‘What on my timetable’ but I didn’t think that flowed as well). I hope I have done a good enough job and that many of you will relate:

What does my timetable say?
I get up very early and I worry what’s going on today,
I can’t see why every day just isn’t the same
Will it be school? or will daddy be home?
What does my timetable say?

It’s school today, but I didn’t want that
I’m worried about leaving my mum so I’m going to scream, shout and lash out
I can’t get dressed, it makes me panic
What does my timetable say?

Who will be at school I wonder; which classroom am I in today?
Is it going to rain or shine
What does my timetable say?

What’s that noise? What’s that flashing? Now I’m really on edge.
I can’t focus or understand anything you say.
I still can’t get dressed for school right now
What does my timetable say?

You’re asking me questions but I don’t understand
I’ll ignore you and hope that it stops
Please leave everything where it belongs
What does my timetable say?

It’s the weekend now and daddy is home. Phew no school today
But wait, what will we do then, where will I eat and play?
I don’t want to go out, I don’t want to stay in
What does my timetable say?

What does my timetable say?
It doesn’t matter anyway!
What does my timetable say?

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