‘What is Sotos Syndrome?’ – infographic launched

Today, 6 September, marks this year’s Sotos Syndrome Awareness Day.

An important day in our annual calendar to raise awareness of this genetic overgrowth condition, caused by a change in the gene known as NSD1.

Sotos Syndrome is a variable condition – different people can be affected in different ways, and to different degrees. Common things to look out include rapid growth in childhood, distinctive facial features and learning difficulties, along with less frequent indications in babies and children.

As part of Sotos Syndrome Awareness Day, we are launching our new What is Sotos Syndrome? infographic. Read or download our infographic as a PDF here.

Find out more about Sotos Syndrome at www.childgrowthfoundation.org/conditions/sotos-syndrome. If you’d like to speak to our nursing team with your Sotos queries please contact our Support Line on 020 8995 0257 /

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