New project: Sensory profiles in rare genetic syndromes

Researchers at the University of SheffieldWe are currently recruiting parents/caregivers of children (aged 3 – 14 years) with a diagnosis of either Sotos syndrome or Tatton-Brown Rahman syndrome (TBRS) to take part in an exciting new research study.

Their previous research with these syndromes has indicated that sensory processing difficulties may be problematic for some children but this has not yet been explored in detail. They are therefore interested in finding out whether there are specific aspects of sensory processing that are common in either of these syndromes and whether these may be associated with other behaviours, such as anxiety and autistic traits. They hope that this research will provide important information regarding sensory processing difficulties in both Sotos syndrome and TBRS which can then be used to help reduce and manage these difficulties, as well as identifying specific behaviours which may occur as a result of sensory processing difficulties.

Taking part in the study involves completing a few questionnaires regarding your child’s sensory processing and associated behaviours. These can either be completed online or hard copies can be sent via the post.

All individuals who participate in the study will receive individualised feedback regarding their child’s sensory profile. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the study or would like to participate, please get in touch with Chloe Lane:

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