Event Giving

Taking part in an event is an incredible way to boost awareness of the Child Growth Foundation, raise valuable funds and push yourself to new limits. The personal benefit of achieving some mighty challenge is something you will take through the rest of your life. From playing snooker for 24-hours to climbing Everest, personal challenges make us dig deep inside ourselves and see just what we are made of!

You may not be a snooker player and you may not have the chance (or interest) to climb Everest but there will be something burning deep inside you that says “I want to try that”. Listen to your instincts and search the thousands of events to take part in and find the one that suits.

Download our resources to help you on your fundraising journey


CGF Fundraising Pack (pdf)

CGF Sponsor Form (pdf)

Cycling, Swimming & Running

The most popular of challenges with many cities putting on running marathons and half-marathons, big swims in gorgeous places like the Lake District or cycling fantastic places like London in the middle of the night.

You can search to enter an event yourself, JUST GIVING will help here. Or check back to these pages to see what space the CGF may have in upcoming events.

A Bigger Challenge

Ever seen a mountain and thought to yourself “that needs climbing” – nope, me neither, but for some people that is just the buzz they are after. Many wonderful mountain challenges exist, again Just Giving will be a great source to search. There are also planes that need jumping out of, so maybe a parachute fundraiser is for you.

If you prefer your feet on the ground, then there are plenty of treks and walks avaiable. The Jurassic coastline in Dorset, the Isle of Wight challenge or the length of Hadrian’s Wall are all there to be conquered. A wonderful resource for finding the right event for you is Time Outdoors

Do it Your Way

You don’t have to sign up to an organised event, you can come up with an event of your own. Have a park near you? Why not get some friends and family and do your own sponsored walk!

We are here to help and talk through any ideas you have and see how you can maximise your efforts (and to make sure it is legal and safe!). Contact Neil Hunter for more support.

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