Community Giving

Getting your local community involved can be a real boost to your fundraising efforts. Think about the groups or local events you belong to and think how they might be involved.

It could you be you belong to a church, a WI group, a golf club, or other community-minded associations. By getting them involved you can spread awareness of the CGF and raise extra money, a double win!

To help you get started we have developed some fundraising materials, that you can download and use. If you need further support or help then please get in touch with us.

Download our resources to help you on your fundraising journey


CGF Fundraising Pack (pdf)

CGF Sponsor Form (pdf)

Other ways to consider..

In Celebration Giving

These days, many people opt for donations to give to charity at big celebration events like weddings, or anniversary parties. Why not consider requesting donations for the Child Growth Foundation?

Collection Tins

You could have you own collection tin, or box, at a local event you are doing. Having a coffee morning for your friends? Why not have a collection and let them know about the invaluable work we do.

School Support

Have you approached your child’s school to see if they can support by having a non-uniform day, or book sale in support of our work.

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